Solar EPC

If you are looking to cut your electricity bills or your carbon footprint, using renewable sources of energy is the place to start. If your business premises offer ample space for installing a solar power plant, and you are willing to make the upfront investment in owning a solar power plant, then a solar EPC (Engineering, Procurement, and Construction) or Capex Model is the answer to your needs.
  •    Site Survey

Site survey is the basic step required for a quality and optimum design. This leads to maximum use of available resources which lead to faster ROI of Solar Plant.
  •     Design and Engineering

A high-quality solar plant starts with a proper design. Data gathered from site survey is processed and our engineers then determine the appropriate power plant capacity for your site, select the proper equipment. Prior approval are taken from client before procurement.
  •    Supply of equipment

We procure components from our approved suppliers, whom we use for our owned projects as well. As your one-stop solar EPC contractor, at Tech Solar, our job is to ensure to supply Tier 1 best solar panels, best Inverter and best BOS components to our clients without compromising in quality.
  •    Installation and Commissioning

Right from Installation of mounting structure to connecting your plant with grid, our engineers will ensure that our premises and your operation will not be interrupted.
  •   Operation and Maintenance

We make sure that all the plants are regularly checked and maintained by our engineer. Operation and Maintenance of Solar plant requires special expertise that we offer to our customers helping them to maximize the solar plant output.
  •    Remote Monitoring

We monitor our all rooftop plants continuously, to ensure maximum performance and minimal downtime. The maintenance contract will ensure that our experienced engineers are monitoring the solar plant 24×7 so that the system runs efficiently through its lifetime, offering you uninterrupted service and optimizing your solar plant’s performance.